Other Experience

  • Advisory editor Annotated Bibliography for English Studies, vol. on American Lit. up to 1900.
  • Editorial board member Symbiosis, Journal launched in Spring 1997
  • Trustee, Meadville/Lombard Theological School 1981-87.
  • Member, Board of Directors, David R. Godine Inc Publisher, 1980-present.
  • Member Board of directors, Key West Literary Seminar 2001-current
  • Member Emerson Commemorative Committee, 1982.
  • Director, Lilly Program in Continuing Education for College Teachers, 1980, renewed in 1981. $90,000 grant from Lilly Endowment.
  • Assoc. Editor Denver Quarterly, 1967-1976, 1983-1987.
  • Book Review Editor Denver Quarterly, 1976-1983.
  • Editorial Board, Western Review, 1970-1974.
  • Editorial Board New England Quarterly, 2010-


  • For Wake Forest University Humanities Program, 2000.
  • for Graham Parkes’ film on Thoreau
  • on Emerson and Thoreau quotations for Justin Kaplan’s new edition of Bartlett’s Quotations.
  • Denver Public Schools Middle School Humanities Project, 1984-86.
  • Loretto Heights Humanities Program, 1982
  • Langdon-Roth films (education/Mark Twain Stories).
  • Staff for American Issues Forum, Univ of Denver (NEH) 1974.
  • Bordercrossings, a Chinese-English Annual Publication by Liaoning Univ., PRC.

Referee for:

  • Pen Martha Albrand Award for first non-fiction, 2002.
  • Guggenheim Fellowship Program, 2003– current
  • Book-length manuscripts for Harvard University Press, Indiana University Press, Scholars Press, D.C. Heath, Univ. of North Carolina Press, The Huntington Library Press, Univ Presses of Florida, Univ of California Press, Princeton Univ. Press Cornell Univ. Press, Oxford Univ Press (NY), Beacon Press.
  • Articles for The William and Mary Quarterly, Early American Literature, PMLAJournal of American History.
  • National Humanities Center (Research Triangle Park) applications in Am. Lit.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant applications in 19th c. American subjects, 1980-present.
  • NEH panel for the Public programs Division.
  • Judge for Forest History prize, 1988-89
  • Judge for NEH Junior Scholars program, 1985 and 1986.
  • Judge for 2005 Parkman Prize, Soc Am Historians.

Member, Arbeitsprache on Mythology at Wolfenbuttel in Germany, Dec. 1980.

College or University-wide committees 1974-1987 (selected)

University of Denver

  • Provost search Committee, 1987
  • Faculty Admissions Committee, 1985
  • Microcomputing Committee 1985
  • Chair, Provost Committee, 1983. Charged with reviewing the Chancellor’s proposal to create an office of Provost.
  • Chancellor’s Committee on University Structure, 1982
  • All-University Student Association Committee on Pass-Fail, 1979
  • Co-Chair, Ad hoc Committee to restore football at the University. 1979
  • Marshall Scholarship Committee, 1978-81, 1985-87.
  • Rhodes Scholarship Committee, 1978-1981
  • Chair, General Education Committee, 1977. Charged with proposing a complete restructuring of General Education Requirements.
  • Priorities Committee, College of Arts and Sciences. 1976. Charged with cutting $400,000 from the College budget.
  • Honors Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1975
  • Graduate Council, 1975
  • Chancellor’s Distinguished Visitor Committee, 1975
  • Search Committee for Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, 1975
  • Search Committee for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 1974

University of Colorado

  • Promotion Committee for Marshall Brown, Fall, 1987
  • Committee for new PhD in American Literary Studies, 1987

Wesleyan Univ.

  • Phi Beta Kappa Address, May 1996
  • Faculty Club Committee, 1990-1991
  • Rhodes and Marshall advisory Committee, Office of Career Planning