Invited Papers

“The Gospel According to this Moment, or, the Rooster’s Philosophy” Keynote for Thoreau Society Annual Gathering July 2013.

“Will You or Won’t You have it So?” William James on the will, Wm James symposium, Aug. 2012 Chocorua NH

“Whitman and William James” for Walt Whitman Symposium at Texas A and M Apr 2004

“Emerson and William James,” for Mass Historical Society Conf on Emerson. May, 2003.

“Schleiermacher and Transcendentalism,” for Mass. Historical Society Conference on Transcendentalism, May, 1997.

“Emerson and Biography,” Emerson Society panel at Thoreau Society Annual Meeting, July 1996.

“The Social Context of Emerson’s Vision,” American Literature Association Meeting, May, 1994.

“Emerson’s Walden,” Talk at Walden Pond Day, Concord Mass., May 21, 1994, Organized by Walden Forever Wild.

“Emerson and Chartism,” talk at symposium “Making History,” organized by Marilynne Robinson, University of Iowa, Oct. 1993.

“Emerson, Thoreau, and Fuller,” College of Letters, Wesleyan Univ. Sept. 1992.

“Emerson as Editor,” Paper for American Literature Association, May 1991.

“Transcendentalism: A Soul for Modern Liberalism,” Keynote Address, Virginia Conference on the Humanities, April, 1991.

“In the Thoreau Tradition,” talk at Montana Nature Writers Conference, Missoula, May, 1990.

“Emerson and History,” talk for NEH Summer Seminar, Concord, Mass. July 1990.

“The Social Ethics of Walden,” talk at Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Oct 1987.

“Thoreau and 1836,” talk, MLA December 1986.

“Thoreau, Agassiz and Darwin, ” talk, RMMLA Oct 1986.

“The Economics of Individualism,” talk, MLA Dec. 1985.

“Thoreau and William Gilpin: The Articulation of Landscape,” NEMLA, March, 1985.

“Emerson in Sicily: History and Origins,” talk at Italian Cultural Institute, New York City, Dec. 12, 1985.

“Gramatica Parda: Thoreau and Wildness,” talk at the Huntington Library, Dec. 7. 1984.

“The Social Imperatives of American Transcendentalism,” Talk at Meadville Theological School, Dec. 5, 1983.

“Modern Literary Criticism,” Five public Lectures at Sichuan University, PRC, June 1983.

“Emerson’s Italian Journey,” Conference on Italy and the Victorian Imagination, CUNY Graduate Center, April 15, 1983.

“The Meaning of Self-Reliance,” address at Emerson Commemorative Meeting in Concord, Mass. April 27, 1982.

“A Perfect Piece of Stoicism,” principal address at Thoreau Society Annual Meeting, July 1980.

“The Case Against Prophecy in the 1790s,” talk for Early American Section of MLA, Dec. 1979.

“Regeneration through Exile: Hawthorne, Fourier, and Brook Farm, Harvard Univ. Feb. 1979.

“From Typology to Mythology: Edwards to Thoreau, CUNY Graduate Center, Dec 1978. Shorter version given as talk to Colorado Seminars, Nov. 1979.

“The Moral Uses of Language,” Annual Humanities Lecture given at Bethel College, Kansas Wesleyan, Sterling College, and McPherson College. March 1978.

“Myth and Literature in the American Renaissance,” Univ of Houston, January, 1978.

“The Enlightenment View of Myth and Joel Barlow,” talk for 1976 Bicentennial conference on Early American Literature at Williamsburg.

“Ideas of Myth in America, 1760-1860,” Huntington Library Research Seminar, Spring,

“Euhemerism, The Higher Criticism, and De-Mythologizing,” talk for Eighteenth Century Seminar, MLA Dec. 1972.

I have done public lectures on Christopher Marlowe, Visual Literacy, Heinrich Boll, Structuralism in Literature, and Images of the American Land, plus the usual lectures, readings, talks, panels, and papers to all sorts of groups.