Intros to Books

Intro to Emerson and Thoreau: a Batch of papers from NEQ, pub online by MIT Press, 2015

Introduction to Ali Taghdarrah’s translation of Walden into modern Persian, forthcoming, Tehran, Shiva Publishing.

Intro to Emerson’s “Persian Poetry” trans. Ali Taghdarrah, forthcoming. TehranShiva Publishing.

Henry Thoreau, Cape Cod, Photos Scott Miller Houghton Mifflin 2007

Ron Bosco, Thoreau on the Seasons, (2005)

Henry Thoreau, jacket blurb for Walden, annotated Bill McKibben, Beacon Press 2004

Raymond P. Tripp, Emily Dickinson, Edwin Mellen Press, 2001

Richard Geldard, The Spiritual Teachings of R.W. Emerson, Lindisfarne 2001

John Rudy, Emerson and Zen Buddhism, Edwin Mellen Prress, 2001

Joseph Reed, ed. R.W. Emerson, The Scholar, priv pr Middletown CT 1999

Tom Owen-Towle, Sauntering, Bald Eagle Mt. Press. 1996